Fundraiser Announced For Permanent Schoharie Memorial

Weeks pass but for the families of the poor victims of the Schoharie, time has stopped. Members of the community want to make sure we never forget about what happened and have set up a fundraiser for a permanent memorial.

For the rest of the country, it was another tragedy that went viral, had its moment, and then faded off to make space for the next one. For us, this was our community, these were our friends, family, neighbors. I couldn’t scroll Facebook without seeing someone who was connected to one of the poor people who passed away in the limo accident in Schoharie. Now, members of the surrounding communities want to make sure they’re always remembered, with a permanent memorial.

The Daily Gazette is reporting that The Reflections Memorial Foundation, led by owners of the Apple Barrel Country Store, is hosting an event to raise money for the memorial. The fundraiser will be on Sunday, November 4 from 1-4pm at Hessian Hill Farm in Schoharie. It will be hosted by comedian Greg Aidala and featuring Matt Durfee, the Andrea Scow Band, and Black Fox River Project. The admission is $10 and food and beverage products will also go to the foundation.

More information is on their website.

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