Film Production to Cause Troy Road Closures [MAPS]

Troy City Hall has announced some upcoming road closures due to film production but, as usual, doesn’t say what’s going to be filmed here. Here’s what I found!

Troy City Hall announced that next week many different roads will be closed because of “multi-day” film production. Closures will begin tomorrow (Sunday, October 28th) – Monday (October 29th) as well as the following week (November 4-8th). the list of road closures is long so if you’re going to be near and/or around Troy in the next two weeks, take a look at the pictures below to see if your route is affected, or find the full list on the official Troy website.

I’ve looked everywhere to see what may be filming in Troy starting tomorrow. When my go-to, Reddit, doesn’t have the information, I feel as if all hope was lost. The closest I got to what may be something, is a guy who commenting on WTEN’s FB saying they saw Tom Cruise at The Ruck last night (not confirmed, by the way). The closest thing I could find was an indie movie called “Study Abroad” that’s filming somewhere in Upstate New York around this time according to Project Casting. Is that it? Who knows, but I’ll keep looking!

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