CDTA Begins Trolley Service in Albany [MAPS]

Did you know that CDTA has already had trolley service in Schenectady and Saratoga? Now, they’re beginning the service in Albany. Here are the maps to all three of the services to save yourself the walk in the colder weather.

CDTA has announced on their website that trolleys are coming back to Albany to join the already successful Schenectady and Saratoga trolleys. All trolley services are complimentary. The Capital City Trolley began on October 25th and will operate Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights beginning at 5:00pm and operating until 12:30am with a new trolley every 20 minutes. The trolley will connect (as you can see below) a bunch of Downtown Albany neighborhoods, including stops near the Times Union Center, New York State Capitol, Palace Theatre, and the Washington Avenue Armory.

Credit: CDTA

In case you weren’t aware, CDTA has already successfully been operating a trolley service in Schenectady and Saratoga. The Schenectady trolley, or “Electric City Trolley” only operates in the Spring-early Fall and began on June 21st. It also runs Thursday-Saturday nights but begins at 4:00pm and runs until 1:00am, every 20 minutes. The recent service ended on September 29th but will begin again in Spring of 2019. This trolley connects bars as far north as Firestone 151 to Proctors, to Rivers Casino as well as Druthers Brewing Co.

Credit: CDTA

The Saratoga trolley only runs from July 1st-September 3rd and will continue in Summer of 2019. This trolley will bring you from the Courtyard on Route 50, making a few stops on Broadway through Downtown and then to the Saratoga Race Course as well as the Saratoga Casino & Hotel.

Credit: CDTA

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