Local Fast Food Restaurant Closes Only Capital Region Location

Fast food may not be your thing but sometimes, you don’t have time to make dinner and it’s pretty handy and if this single location was one of your favorites, I’m sorry.

In May 2015, our only Panda Express opened on Troy Schenectady Rd and Latham and whether you had been there a few times or not yet at all, it has closed. The company Panda Express is based in California and began in 1983. It became famous for their “American Chinese” food selections. According to their website, the nearest Panda Express now, can be found in Brooklyn if you’re looking for a fix.

No one, according to the Times Union, from the company has officially confirmed the close but many people driving by have seen a sign announcing it in the window. No word on another location opening or something else to be announced for that space. Seeing though, the development of the Latham Circle and Latham Farms area, I can’t imagine it’ll be too long before something else opens in that space.

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