Future of Popular Albany Restaurant Debbie’s Kitchen

If you’ve been a fan of Debbie’s Kitchen in the past and were crossing your fingers for a return, Debbie Klauber made an announcement about the future of her restaurant.

About 11 years ago, Debbie Klauber announced her retirement from her business. It started on Lark Street for 10 years, then moved around the corner for 15 years, and then after she retired someone else ran the business for another 5 years until closing in 2015. Up until recently, Timmy’s Chinese Cuisine was in the space at 456 Madison but closed after a short run, according to the Times Union.

Now, at 11:00am yesterday morning, the business was open again under Debbie’s watch. If you’ve been a fan for awhile, the menu is just about the same with salads, soups, and sandwiches and apparently, the prices are right around the same as when she left. They will soon have regular hours but for the time being may have hour flexibility and product availablity as, the Times Union reports, “Klauber and her two (or so) employees get back up to speed.” Soon, you should expect to see it open 10:00am to 6:00pm Monday-Friday and 11:00am to 6:00pm on Saturday, closed on Sunday.

You can thank Patrick Noonan, owner of El Loco Mexican Cafe, the adjacent Ben & Jerry’s location, as well as being vice chairman of the the Lark Street Business Improvement District who now owns the business and takes care of all the administrative issues as long as Debbie just comes in and makes the food. Do you have any Debbie’s Kitchen memories?

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