Exclusive New Dating App in Capital Region

There are a ton of dating apps out there to use but apparently one is being tested here in the Capital Region. Is this something you’d give a try?

It’s not the type of thing I’d usually write about but I was so intrigued about a dating app testing the usage here, I wanted to make sure you knew about it. The app called “The League” has apaprently chosen about 500 people in Albany as their “Founding Class” out of thousands on the waiting list, according to the Times Union.

What makes this app different from others you may have heard of is its exclusivity, “catering to the intelligent, educated and ambitious” and invite-only. This isn’t a app you just sign on to, there’s actually a bit of a vetting process that gets a little bit more personal than most. They’ll take a look at your degree, the institution you went to, any professions you may have had, number of referrals, and more. Then, your photo will be judged by The League team and only then will you be allowed to join. The Times Union is reporting that there is a membership fee, “A 12-month membership costs $29 per month or $349 annually. A six-month membership costs $33 per month or $199 annually, and a single month costs $99.”

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