Crossgates Mall Abandons Plans for New Restaurant

Crossgates Mall is trying to grow to be more than a place to just go shopping. They’ve added entertainment centers, a comedy club, updated their theatres, and added more restaurants. One of those restaurants recently announced, though, won’t actually open.

Crossgates Mall has announced that their newest restaurant will no longer will be opening. Waxy’s -The Modern Irish Bar was announced two years ago and will no longer be opening at Crossgates, according to the Times Union. Apparently, the restaurant was already partially built when the parent company started struggling financially. Other locations across the country have already begun closing, only leaving the Foxboro, Massachusetts location.

They had an auction last week where they not only auctioned off pieces from the Albany location as well as other closed locations around the country. Waxy’s – The Modern Irish Bar was going to be opening below the successful FunnyBone comedy club, no word yet on what may be taking its place.

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