Cat Cafe Announced for Troy: Spring 2019

Are you a cat person? You may have heard about places all over the world having cat cafes, whether you’ve heard of it or not, one has been announced for Troy and it’s about to get a whole lot trendier in the Capital Region.

Meong Cat Lounge has been announced for 348 Second St. in South Troy to open in Spring 2019. Never heard of a cat lounge? According to the Times Union, cat cafes originated in Taiwan, but I saw them all over Tokyo and I know a few have popped up in New York City too. The husband/wife owners Astra Wijaya and Sindy Limin own the building and will be living upstairs. Their hope is that the space will be a co-working environment where people can enjoy being surrounded by cats.

The cafe will also serve food and beverages in a separate space and hope to work with local restaurants to expand that section. The cafe will also work with local shelters and adoption centers in hopes to give these cats a nice forever home.

If this works similarly to the hedgehog cafe I visited in Tokyo, you pay per half hour or hour to hang out with cats. Seriously, that’s it. It’s probably going to be pretty busy around rush hour, what’s more calming than snuggling a cat after work.

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