Troy Man Gave $100 to Strangers Each Month for 365 days

Where there’s separation in this world and every day the news showing something that may tarnish your faith in the human race, there’s Jeff Buell and “Do the Next Good Thing” to bring that faith back.

Jeff Buell is a real estate developer from Troy decided to launch a campaign “Do the Next Good Thing” in memory of his sister, Laurie Bereza, according to New York Upstate. Since September 26th, 2017, Buell has given away $50,000 to strangers. He chooses the people from recommendations on his very successful Facebook page as well as people has just comes into contact with daily.

What’s great about this idea is that is didn’t seem to stay one campaign, it’s grown to a bit of a Capital Region movement. His Facebook pages has turned into a place to people to also share great things they’ve done or seen others done in the community. Also, through his page and people he meets, I’ve learned about some amazing people and organizations changing the world starting right here where we live. Let “Do the Next Good Thing” remind you that you don’t have to have $50,000 to change the world, you don’t even ahve to have $5. One person can make a change for the better, it’s possible.

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