Did You Know You Get Book a Divorce Getaway in Saratoga?

You’ve heard about a honeymoon getaway, an anniversary giveaway, but have you ever heard of a divorce getaway? Well, you can book that trip now and it’s right here in Saratoga.

The Gideon Putnam hotel in Saratoga Springs isn’t just a beautiful place to get away, but a beautiful place to get a divorce. I saw that Kristi highlighted on the Times Union that Gideon Putnam has an option to pay for a divorce package. I remember hearing this story a few years ago but didn’t realize it was something they still offered. Can I assume that means it’s successful and lucrative?

Inside Edition recently featured the package that mentioned how one couple entered the hotel as a married couple, split their finances with a mediator, stayed in two separate rooms overnight, and then left as single people. According to the Times Union, “The service costs around $7,500-$13,000, depending on which features you choose” but isn’t it worth it to go through a divorce this way if it’s possible? Might as well book a spa package while you’re there!

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