Queensbury Graduate to Appear on The Voice [PHOTO]


Queensbury Graduate to Appear on The Voice [PHOTO]

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Gotta love seeing people from the Capital Region do well on television. First, we had Sawyer Fredericks and then Moriah Formica, now another Capital Region native will need our support on The Voice.

The Post Star announced that we should have expected Queensbury graduate Delaney Silvernell on The Voice on Monday but apparently, they’re making us wait a little bit longer. Silvernell “describes herself as a pop and R&B singer” and has appeared in a few Queensbury High School musicals.

No word yet on if she makes it past the Blind Auditions (she’s not allowed to reveal it either). I can’t imagine she’s in a better place than the chance to join Team Kelly (Clarkson) or Team Jennifer (Hudson). I can only assume that’s where her attention will be. If she does make it through, she’s going to need the Capital Region to get behind her and vote to keep her through until the end!

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