Dog Lover? Follow One of My Favorite Instagram Accounts [PHOTO]

I follow a lot of great Instagram accounts but none of them make me smile like this one out of Saratoga – it’ll make you smile too!

Do you like dogs? In my opinion, especially in regards to pictures and video, the more dogs the better. If you feel the same way about man’s best friend and aren’t following this Instagram account, I’m about to make you so happy. You need to see Saratoga Dog Walkers!

According to their website, the business is owned by Tim Pink who you can pay to take your dogs for a walk while you’re working or utilize their cage-free boarding. Even if you don’t have a dog yourself, though, you can appreciate other people’s dogs with their Instagram account where Pink documents his journeys with local dogs. I’m not only impressed with the number of dogs he takes out at one time but how he gets all of their best angles in the photo. If you’re ever in need of a smile, take a look at this account, you won’t be disappointed!


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