New Bar Opens in Downtown Schenectady [PHOTOS]

I live in Schenectady and find myself in Downtown Schenectady pretty often so I usually have a good pulse on what’s new, what’s going to be new – until a brand new bar seemed to pop up out of nowhere, right in the heart of my hometown.

It’s very rare that I hear of a brand new bar opening in Schenectady from the Times Union before I know about it myself but that’s exactly what happened. Jay St. Pub opened up in Schenectady recently right outside of City Hall, next to Pizza Kings, under an already established apartment complex.

It seems like even writing about it, Steve Barnes doesn’t have much on this new hangout spot. Jay St. Pub does have a Facebook page where they announced their September 13th open, promoted already having music, and posted pictures of their soft opening which looked pretty busy. I can’t wait to stop in and see what it has to offer for myself!


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