Downtown Albany Flash-Mob is the Greatest Thing Today [VIDEO]

Have you ever heard of a flash-mob? All of a sudden a group of people just show up and start dancing some choreographed routine. If you’ve been stuck near one, you’d know, they’re pretty annoying – until I saw this one.

I was so happy when I saw WNYT covered probably one of the greatest flash-mobs I’ve ever seen. It wasn’t a proposal, it wasn’t a protest, it was just a group of women getting out there proving that age is just a number.

A group of women from the Shaker Pointe Retirement Community in Watervliet decided to set-up this dance to prove to people that just because they’re technically “senior citizens,” it doesn’t mean they’re too old to move and stay active. They decided to show off in Downtown Albany outside of the Capitol building right at lunchtime so a ton of people could see that age isn’t stopping them.

Their hope is that people see aging differently than we do and that people in their age group realize that just because they’re older doesn’t mean they can get up and move around from time-to-time. Also, don’t expect this to be the only time, the women are looking to when they can perform again!

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