Actor Kelsey Grammer to Open Brewery in Upstate New York

I mentioned back in March that I found some secret video of Kelsey Grammer from “Frasier” and “Cheers” fame in Clifton Park talking about his new brewery. Well, now we have updates and some answers on whether he’s coming or not to the Capital Region.

I posted back in March that there was a video of Kelsey Grammer at Shmaltz Brewing testing out his Faith American brand of beer. Now, with the recent changes to the Shmaltz location being sold to SingleCut, it was up in the air whether or not Grammer will be settling around here.

New York Upstate is reporting that Faith American Brewery, as of last month, doesn’t have an active license on file with the New York State Liquor Authority but they do have a wholesale license in Kelsey’s wife’s name under the address 344 Ruff Road in Middletown. That could be a mailing address or an actual building address for his soon to be brewery, we may not have official answers but we’re closer! Another note is that he also has a pending license for a “summer tavern wine” for a business called Fabco Odyssey listed with the same address.

They haven’t commented anything more about the brewery itself recently. We can probably assume it’s not coming to Clifton Park, but it’s nice to see he’s still got Upstate New York on the brain.

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