LEGO® Store to Open at Crossgates Mall


LEGO® Store to Open at Crossgates Mall


Friends, I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for a store to open at Crossgates Mall. The dreams I didn’t even know I had are coming true and soon we will have our own Lego Store!

I just received a press release from Crossgates Mall that solidifies that rumors I’ve been seeing on Reddit this week, the Lego Store is to open at Crossgates Mall. Crossgates Mall and The LEGO Group “are thrilled to announce the grand opening of a new LEGO® store this November,” just in time for the holidays. The store will take over the space on the lower level next to GNC next to where the Mystery Room escape rooms were.

LEGO® was such a big part of my childhood and I can’t wait to explore the new store coming to the Capital Region. LEGO stores have three key design components: the “Pick & Build Wall,” the “Living Room,” and the “Brand Ribbon.”

The “Pick & Build Wall) is where you can go an hand-pick the specific LEGO® blocks of your choice and even order them in bulk. The “Living Room” is at the center of the store as an interactive play area to get a hands-on experience with LEGO® products. Last, is the “Brand Ribbon” which runs along the outside of the store featuring displays, history and some fun LEGO® facts. They will offer a full selection of LEGO products including  DUPLO®, NINJAGO, Friends and CITY as well as licensed items like LEGO Star Wars, Disney Princess, Super Heroes (and my fingers will stay crossed for the new Harry Potter sets).

The LEGO Store at Crossgates Mall are currently looking for employees.  For more information, visit

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