Tallest Ride in New York Coming in 2019 [VIDEO]

When you look at theme parks, are you the type of person that has to be on the biggest and tallest of them all? If you thought you’ve already been on the tallest ride, there’s a new one to add to your list next year.

Darien Lake has announced that they will be debuting a new ride in 2019 that will be the tallest in the state, according to New York Upstate. The ride will be called the “SkyScreamer.” It’s a swing ride that goes 24 stories high and holds 32 riders. Then, the tower spins in a 98-foot circle at 35mph. You may be familiar with the name, as the “SkyScreamer” can be found at other Six Flags parks.

In another announcement, they have also said that they will be rebranding for the new year as “Six Flags Darien Lake.” I honestly thought that it was already called that but apparently, Darien Lake was branded as Six Flags for a while, stopped, and Six Flags repurchased the park in May and will be putting their name back on it next year.

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