Want Free Ice Cream from Stewart’s?

We have some of the best ice cream places here in the Capital Region but I’d be surprised if one of your favorites wasn’t Stewart’s Shops and now, you can get some of that ice cream for free!

Chances are, you’ve used a Milk Club Card before, right? Every time you buy milk from Stewart’s, they stamp your card and after so many it’s free. Well, finally you can do the same for ice cream! Stewart’s has introduced a “Scoop Club” card, according to the Times Union.

The only downside to this free ice cream program is that pre-packaged Stewart’s ice cream is not included. So, in order to use the Scoops Club card, you have to order ice cream from the cone counter. Each ice cream you purchase will get you one punch on your scoops card and after ten, your eleventh ice cream will be free! Cards have been in place at local Stewart’s  since last week so grab a card and get to scooping!

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