The Alt Publishes Final Issue Next Week

There are a lot of places to turn to for news and what’s going on in the Capital Region (thank you for using me as one of those many resources, by the way). One of my recent favorites, though, I’m sad to say, is already coming to an end.

I heard of The Alt, at first, through friends of mine affiliated with Proctors Theatre. As I mentioned before, there are a ton of news sources and a lot of them have been around for a while so whenever a new one springs up, I have to give it a try. Maybe part of me misses the “homegrown” nature of Metroland. It was a well-established paper but always felt like something people who lived around me put together instead of the higher status reporters. I don’t mean that with any kind of offense, I saw The Alt as a paper written by people I could hang out with talking about things I cared about.

On Tuesday, I was surprised to see that they posted a goodbye letter to their readers. Two years doesn’t seem like enough time but they do say that their voices will not be silenced. Some will be working closely with Proctors with their new monthly publication The Collaborative beginning in November, tentatively. Though we won’t be able to read their take on politics and other noteworthy things in the news, I can’t wait to read and support The Collaborative and see what they have in store for us through another avenue.

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  • The one I miss is the Knowledge Network. They always had a lot of great little courses to take and experiences to try. I was hoping they’d at least
    continue online but no.I wish somebody would resurrect it.

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