FAO Schwarz Reopening in New York City

FAO Schwarz Reopening in New York City

Yes, my blog is about the Capital Region. Yes, this store is opening up in New York City which is about 3 hours from the 518 but we don’t live that far, this is my childhood, and hey, you clicked to read this so I’m glad you agree!

FAO Schwarz is probably one of the most if not the most famous toy stores in the entire world. When I was a kid, my Mom would bring me down for my birthday and let me pick out a toy. You know I had one of those ginormous dogs for absolutely no reason.

My heart was crushed when I heard three years ago that they would be closing their iconic doors on 5th Avenue. I remember going down there and waiting in that huge line around the corner just to get in the door so it was such a surprise to me when it closed. Great news, though, they’re reopening! They won’t be back at that famous 5th Ave store front but come November (just in time for the holidays) they’ll be reopening in Rockefeller Plaza, according to WNYT. So you can take a picture of yourself in front of the huge tree and then stop a grab a piece of childhood history all in the same place!

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