LEGOLAND New York Announces Opening

LEGOLAND New York Announces Opening

Some of my favorite memories as a kid were playing with Legos and now we’re going to have the chance to bring back those childhood memories but as adults.

I’ve heard about LEGOLAND but I’ve never visited one myself so when I heard we had one coming to New York, I was so excited! LEGOLAND New York will be in Orange County and according to WNYT, will be opening in 2020. When it opens, they’ve already announced that it will be the biggest LEGOLAND out of all of the parks, featuring 15,000 models using about 30 million Lego blocks. The $350 million park will also feature a 250-room hotel.

USA Today did a story that broke down all of the various lands within the park:

  • The Factory will be the first section visitors will encounter. It will house the Great LEGO Adventure ride, where kids will travel through the manufacturing process into a box and into the hands of a toy’s new owner.
  • Bricktopia is where kids will work with the Master Model Builders to construct their own LEGO creations. An Earthquake Table will determine how sturdy their LEGO towers are. This area will also have an Imagination Celebration ride and a Stepping Tones attraction that will trigger LEGO instruments.
  • LEGO NINJAGO World will have a training camp where kids can learn the ancient art of Spinjitzu. When they complete training, they can test their skills on NINJAGO: The Ride, where they will battle the Great Devourer with their hands.
  • Heartlake City will be the home of the LEGO Friends Emma, Olivia, Stephanie, Andrea, and Mia. They will be able to take a balloon ride over Pinefall Woods and sample LEGOLAND’s signature Granny’s Apple Fries. Knights’ Kingdom will be the home of the LEGO Castle and the Dragon Coaster.
  • LEGO City will be the home of the Minifigures. A Rescue Academy will train kids to be LEGO City firefighters. A LEGO Driving School is where kids can earn their official LEGOLAND driver’s license.
  • Pirate Shores will have a galleon where the kids can experience the feeling of a storm. Another water ride will be called Rogue Wave Riders.
  • Miniland will be a collection of interactive LEGO figures in the shape of notable structures from cities around the country.

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