Town Line Museum: Miss the “Good Old Days?” [VIDEO]

As a millennial, I hear all of the time from my relatives that things were better before, in the “good old days” and here’s the thing, for a lot of things, they’re right and here’s where you can go to relive them.

The Town Line Museum is all about reliving the 1950s and 1960s in Johnstown, NY. Tours are available by appointment only by either reaching out to them via Facebook or email and they are no handicap accessible.

If you take the drive out there, imagine that you’re going back in time to 1962. The Beatles just released “Love Me Do,” John Glenn Jr became the first American to orbit the Earth, Marilyn Monroe is found dead, and the very first Walmart opens.

The People History break it down to when gas per gallon was 28 cents, tuition to Harvard was $1520, and monthly rent was $110 – can you believe that? The Town Line is stationed on what looks like an old gas station. Inside, you’ll find jukeboxes and pinball machines, and nothing newer than 1962.

Take a look at the feature done by CBS6:

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