Pittsfield Police Slay Lip Sync Challenge [VIDEO]

Pittsfield Police Slay Lip Sync Challenge [VIDEO]

I love a good lip sync challenge. I love it even more when it’s local and when it’s police officers.

Members of the Pittsfield Police Department participated in a Lip Sync Challenge that soon started trending locally. Officer Darren Derby said he’d been getting so many calls and texts to participate that he couldn’t say no. Police departments from all over the country are challenging other departments to this lip sync challenge and the Pittsfield Police Department challenged the North Adams Police Department and the Pittsfield Fire Department, can’t wait for those videos next!

Instead of just stopping with one song, Officer Derby decided to show a bunch of different sides of the job. I love when police officers do things like this. They get a bad rep sometimes and to show that they’re members of our community like they are, to humanize the power they have, is great for kids to see. While you’re on his page, take a look at Officer Derby and what he does for the people of Pittsfield, it seems like he’s a really great cop who genuinely loves what he does when he wakes up in the morning.

Also, can I challenge the Schenectady Police Department? Is that allowed?

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