Marvel TV Series Filming in Albany

Marvel TV Series Filming in Albany

At first, I heard that there were going to be some roads closed in Albany for a filming. It wasn’t until I saw the list, realized the size, and did some research that I saw just what a big deal this actually is.

Many of you know what I call my “real-life job” is, besides writing this blog, so bear with me as I have to cite myself since I wrote this over there first. I did a bit of research this morning trying to figure out what exactly is causing that many road closures and delays in Downtown Albany. First, I saw it was something called “Crime” and it was for ABC Studios/Disney. Honestly, that could’ve been anything and I found zero things in production with that name, not even a casting announcement. Then, I dove deeper into the crew even so far as to spy on some LinkedIn pages. After clicking on website after website, I found it! “Crime” is just a working title and what’s coming here is so much cooler.

Filming in Albany next week is the Netflix series “The Punisher” for their second season! I didn’t know if they were just using Albany or if part of the story was set in Albany but thanks to the brilliance at Albany Reddit, it’s very likely that Albany will be named as the setting for this particular plot line. Apparently, the character of Billy Russo has a backstory in Albany:

Billy Russo was abandoned by his mother, Carla Russo, outside of a fire station in Albany, New York. Russo entered into the system and lived throughout various foster homes, before placed in the Ray of Hope group home.

I’m sure pictures will be trending online, I’ll share some when I find some. Also note, though, that a lot of roads will be closed or detoured so before you go anywhere in Albany next week, take a look at the full list at WTEN.

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