Chuck E. Cheese Offers “Pay Your Age” Promotion [VIDEO]

Chuck E. Cheese Offers “Pay Your Age” Promotion [VIDEO]

I’m sorry, did they not see what just happened on Thursday with Build a Bear? Do they not have access to the Internet? Either way, they’re doing it.

Build a Bear, yesterday, decided to do a “Pay Your Age” promotion. Literally, every bear in there would only cost as old as the child is that you brought in, up to 29-years-old. If you haven’t seen pictures or heard stories, it was a madhouse. Lines across the country were up to 7-hour waits, Build a Bear stores were forced to close only two hours into the promotion but Chuck E. Cheese is over here like, “Hold my beer.”

All day today, through tonight, Chuck E. Cheese is offering a “Pay Your Child’s Age” promotion that gives your child 30 minutes of free play time for the price of your child’s age, according to WTEN (the limit is $9). No idea if this is going to get as crazy as Build a Bear but if you want to give it a try, head over to Latham and get 30 minutes All You Can Play time for your kid pretty cheap.

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