Restaurant Opening in Center Square, Albany [PHOTO]

Restaurant Opening in Center Square, Albany [PHOTO]

Just when you think you know all of the restaurants in Downtown Albany, another one seems to open that you gotta give a try. This time, a new restaurant is coming to the Center Square area, taking over the space that Center Square Pub left behind.

Albany will be seeing a new restaurant this fall, according to the Times Union, with the opening of Dove + Deer. Does the name sound strange? Apparently, it has a history with Albany. Have you ever noticed similarities with the street names in Downtown Albany? The grid was created in the 1790s featuring streets that go north to south named for birds and streets that go east to west named for mammals. Over the years, the mammal names have decreased (Elk St is holding strong) but do Lark, Dove, Swan, Hawk, etc sound familiar? Apparently, State Street used to be named Deer Street at one point.

This restaurant is a partnership with people from Center Street Pub and The Mailworks, both in Albany. They’re currently hiring so if you’re interested, email resumes to

In case you were wondering… 🐦+🦌

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