Saratoga Announces 2018 Track Giveaways

Saratoga Announces 2018 Track Giveaways

The Saratoga Race Course is always busy during the summer but there are certain days of the season that are busier than others- free giveaway days.

If you’ve never been to the race course on a giveaway day, here are a few tips. First, they’re going to be busy. Second, if you’re looking to get more than one of each item, there’s a special gate to go through so that you don’t hold up the line. Giveaways are one per person per entrance, that’s why you have to enter multiple times for multiple giveaways.

Also, you don’t get the giveaway as you walk in, you have to go to a certain part of the track with your voucher to pick it up. The items are while supplies last so I would get your giveaway as soon as possible. Season pass and season ticket plan holders are guaranteed a premium Saratoga giveaway item as long as the voucher is redeemed by 3:00 PM.

Sunday, July 22 – Saratoga Baseball Cap

Monday, August 6 – Saratoga Umbrella

Monday, August 20 – Saratoga Blanket

Sunday, September 2 – Saratoga Windbreaker

If you wanted to see pictures of the special giveaways – CLICK HERE

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