Nothing Bundt Cakes [PHOTOS]


Nothing Bundt Cakes [PHOTOS]

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Who doesn’t love dessert? If you’re looking for the perfect thing to bring to a BBQ, or a Graduation Party, or you just want some cake, do I have a place for you to try!

Nothing Bundt Cakes was started by two women in 1997 and what started as a way to entertain friends and family turned into a nationwide business. If you’re looking to taste that Nothing Bundt Cakes deliciousness locally, you only have to go to Wolf Rd in Albany. Each franchise/bakery still follows the original vision of the two women that created it, each bakery is the same and each bakery is delicious.

Melissa Gleason was familiar with the Nothing Bundt Cakes brand and couldn’t believe there wasn’t something like it in the Capital Region so she decided to bring it here and introduce this area to bundt cakes. If you’re unfamiliar with bundt cakes, traditionally, they’re made in a bundt pan which is circular shaping the cake into a ring shape. These bundtinis have the traditional mounds that you’d find in a regular bundt cake but look more like a mound than the ring shape you may be used to but the flavor is so great, you don’t even notice the shape.

I had the opportunity to taste the sampler- 9 different flavored bundtinis that you can also order in a full bundt size, tiered, bundtlet, bundtlet tower or more. The flavors I got to taste were: carrot cake, marble, lemon, vanilla, confetti, white chocolate raspberry, strawberry, red velvet, and chocolate chocolate chip. To start, not only were each of the cakes incredibly moist but I didn’t dislike a single one.

There were 9 flavors so I’ll do a quick rundown of my opinion of each:

  • Carrot Cake: not usually my favorite cake flavor but this was more spiced than carroty but I did like that you could see carrot pieces.
  • Marble: I found this one denser than the other ones but I could taste both the vanilla and the chocolate.
  • Lemon: I liked the fact that the lemon was present but not too overbearing.
  • Vanilla: for a “plain” cake, I really liked this one. There was more flavor to this than just a regular vanilla cake.
  • Confetti (NEW): sweeter than vanilla, though it had a vanilla base. Imagine Funfetti cakes but higher quality ingredients, tasting so much better.
  • White Chocolate Raspberry (FEATURED): I would have liked more raspberry in it but the base cake was still delicious.
  • Strawberry: This was one of my favorites, it was a great strawberry flavor, unlike the fake Strawberry you usually taste with cakes.
  • Red Velvet: If you don’t know, Red Velvet is just red chocolate, tends to be a bit denser, but with the added chocolate chips, I really got some chocolate flavor with this one.
  • Chocolate Chocolate Chip: This was 100% my favorite, the chocolate was real and how can you hate on double the chocolate, right?

Also, each of the bundtinis have frosting made from real cream cheese and butter and you can either get it drizzled on or their signature style. I liked the frosting but honestly the cakes were so great and moist enough that you didn’t really need it but why not? As I mentioned, the White Chocolate Raspberry was the featured flavor and these do change so keep an eye out on their website or Facebook to see what they’re currently featuring (July 2018 is Lemon Raspberry).

*NOTE: I was not paid for this review but was given product free to make it possible*

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  • Maybe it’s just me but the prices seem about double what they should be. I know Wolf Rd rents are sky high but nobody said they had to be on Wolf Rd.

    Serves 8-10
    8″ – Frosted in a bakery box: $24.00
    8″ – Decorated: $34.00

    btw,since when did an 8″ bundt cake serve 8-10?

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