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This is the time of year I feel like we’re all focused on how we look and what we’re eating but ironically, it’s also the time of year where we’re much busier and don’t have the time we wish we did. If you’re looking to eat better but just can’t find the time to cook the food that’s good for you, let me introduce you to MacroNu.

Chris & Emily Aunchman have a combined 25 years in the restaurant industry and after some research into how that food directly affects our bodies, MacroNu was born. MacroNu Meals are weighed and measured to give you the macronutrient information to better yourself. Macronutrients are a new way to eat healthier without having to our calories (though they’re still important too). Some research has shown that by balancing your macronutrients, your body isn’t keeping from overindulging but also getting the exact nutrients it needs to be its healthiest. If you’re a calorie counter, though, no worries, MacroNu has you covered too!

How it works is that every Wednesday morning, a new menu is posted on their website. You have the option to choose one meal at a time or pick a multiple meal package. You order in advance and your food is either delivered on the Monday or Thursday of that week. What’s different about this company is that the meals are delivered by MacroNu, as they say, “The meals never leave our sight until they are delivered to your location.” They also offer pick-up locations and gym deliveries on their website as well.

I ordered a breakfast and a lunch from MacroNu and was impressed by how quickly the food was delivered. For the breakfast, I ordered Huevos Rancheros ($7.95- 3 Eggs Over Easy on top of Home Fries. Topped with fresh Pico de Gallo and Corn Tortilla Crisps) and the website broke down all of the ingredients and nutritional values for me. For lunch, I ordered the Asian Chicken.

Overall, the meals were super easy! They showed up at my house, I put them in my fridge, and then I microwaved them the next day when I went to eat them and it was like I made it myself. The difference between these and those pre-planned frozen meals you buy at the store is that you can tell these were made by someone. The quality was there and everything tasted really fresh. It’s like I ordered these from a restaurant, except they came in plastic containers and I didn’t have to leave my house. Price-wise, it was a little higher than I usually spend on groceries, but if it would be great to have these already in my freezer or order some to plan ahead when I know my week is going to be extra crazy! Take a look at their menu and give them a try! The menu always changes, which I like, so I’m never going to get bored of their options.

*Note: I was not paid for my review but I was given the product for free so that I could cover it

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