Shmaltz 5th Anniversary Party [PHOTOS]


Shmaltz 5th Anniversary Party [PHOTOS]


It’s been a tradition every year to not miss the Shmaltz anniversary party, it’s always a great time, and even though the tasting room has been sold to new owners, this year was no different.

/edit Shmaltz has rebranded to 518 Craft and is now located in Troy.

This past Saturday, June 23rd from 1:00PM-5:00PM, it was the time of the year again to try a bunch of beers that Shmaltz Brewing was hosting at their Clifton Park tasting room. No word on if this is going to be the last party at this location since the announcement of SingleCut taking over but it was just as much a party as it’d been in previous years. Note: Shmaltz will continue to have a storefront at their newly opened Troy location.

For $25 per person, we got a wristband with 6 drink tokens to use on whichever beers we wanted. The breweries were great on sampling beers if you were unsure but each full glass cost one token (and we got to take our glasses home). The guest breweries this year were: Bloodville Brewery, Artisanal Brew Works, CH Evans Brewing Company, Rare Form Brewing Company, Big Alice Brewing, Singlecut Beersmiths, Hudson Brewing Company, Table 41 Brewing Company, Roscoe Beer Co, Red Shed Brewery, Lake Placid Brewery, Big Slide Brewery, and Champlain Orchards. Also throughout the afternoon was music by Brother Junction of Saratoga and Mike Powell.

There were some great beers to try. I first went to Singlecut Beersmiths to get the scoop on the beer that will soon be taking over the tasting room. I tried a IIPA that I really enjoyed as well as a sip from whatever my boyfriend decided to get. I’m excited to see what other beers they’ll have on tap starting Spring 2019. My other favorite was Bloodville Brewery. I have to confess that one of the brewers/owners is family but even if I wasn’t, I would tell everyone to try their beer. They’ll be in a commercial release soon and for now, can only be found at the Clifton Park tasting room. If you have a chance to try their pineapple beer, GO-FOR-IT!

*NOTE: I was not paid for my review but I was given free tickets so that I could cover the event

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