Chester’s Smokehouse Closed

After hearing great things about Chester’s Smokehouse, I finally had a chance to check it out a few months ago and now there’s news that it’s closed.

It seems as if there’s not a ton of news surrounding Chester’s Smokehouse closing, only that it is closed. After being in business there for about two years, there was a sign on the door and a message on their Facebook but with no explanation.

According to the Times Union, Chester’s Smokehouse attempted a sit-down restaurant in Troy in 2016 but it was only open for ten months. Then, the news of the death of the co-owner Mark Altarac in January I’m sure put a struggle on the business financially.

I only had a chance to go there once around St. Patrick’s Day but the staff was great, the sandwiches were delicious, and they had the best tasting smoked blue cheese I’ve ever had. They supported other local businesses like Perecca’s Bakery, and I’m sure the neighborhood is gonna miss that delicious smell from the outside (I know I would.)

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  • Chesters worked so long getting the building ready to open,I an so sad they closed. All of the food was so great tasting,and they cool items from Russia. So,so,disappointed,I wish them all the best!!

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