Want to Stay in a Tiny House in the Catskills? [PHOTO]


Want to Stay in a Tiny House in the Catskills? [PHOTO]


Have you seen the HGTV TV show tiny houses? It’s one of those things that I know is probably the best financially but I just don’t think I’d do well with that little amount of space. Well, if you’ve been wanted to test it out, you only have to go to the Catskills.

A Tiny House Resort is located in South Cairo and brought to my attention by ILoveNY.com. Each tiny home is available to rent and “is fully equipped, from linens to kichenware, heat and air conditioning  and a full bath.” They also say that “each tiny house has a private patio, complete with outdoor dining table, Weber grill, outdoor seating, and fire-pit.” Based on the views from their website, you’ll probably be spending most of your time outdoors, too. They’re even dog-friendly!

This summer, they’re adding 4 new tiny houses to enjoy, a heated pool overlooking the Catskill Creek, as well as a pavilion available to rent. This looks like the best way to enjoy the outdoors without having to actually worry about camping. It’s like glamping but a completely different experience.

They break down each of their houses on their website, including the Lux, The Flat, Mizu, and Vista, depending on what you’re looking for. Each averages at about $275/night and can accommodate 2-6 guests depending on the size of the house.

Home away from home…

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