New Italian Restaurant Planned in Saratoga [PHOTO]

I love when new restaurants come to the Capital Region, the most recent one I saw is coming to Saratoga and the best news for pasta fans, it’s going to be old-school Italian!

Fourth generation restauranteurs who are already successful in Connecticut are moving to Saratoga and bringing their Italian flair with them. The Solevo Kitchen and Social Club (named after their last name) is planned for 55 Phila Street in Saratoga. The Times Union is reporting that they’re styling themselves off of the 1950s Las Vegas supper clubs. The menu will include all of your favorite Italian and Italian-American favorites with “locally-sourced ingredients when possible.” Both owners (one of which is the chef) are both certified sommeliers so you know their wine and cocktail program will be something you can’t miss.

The restaurant is planning to open in the fall but there are no official details on their website. If you want to keep up with any future updates, sign up through their website.


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