Free Fishing Weekend Coming Up This Month

Free Fishing Weekend Coming Up This Month

The Department of Environmental Conservation is hoping to get first-time fisherman out on the water this year by offering free fishing weekends in New York State.

I saw on New York Upstate that the DEC scheduled a free fishing weekend in New York State on June 23-24. Whether you’re a resident of the state or not, you can take part in the free fishing weekend. You don’t need a fishing license but all other fishing regulations still apply.

June 23-24 isn’t the only weekend where you can fish for free, other free fishing weekends are September 22 and November 11. You can get more information on the DEC website.

For other weekends, that aren’t free,¬†that you’d like to be a part of, be sure to pick up a fishing license before you head out and look to their website for discounts. If you’ve never been fishing before, New York State offers free fishing clinics throughout the year as well.

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