Death Wish Coffee Headed to Space [CONTEST]


Death Wish Coffee Headed to Space [CONTEST]


I don’t mean a new advertising campaign, I don’t mean a new coffee, I literally mean that Death Wish Coffee will be in the actual outer space soon!

Death Wish Coffee is like the Capital Region’s favorite child and we couldn’t be prouder. They had their own Superbowl commercial, it’s popular all over the country, and they’re still manufacturing right here in Round Lake. The only other way for them to grow is out of this world so that’s where they’re going.

CBS6 is reporting that Death Wish Coffee is now working with NASA to send their coffee to the International Space Station (ISS). The space nerd in me is so excited! Something from my area of the world is going to space & this is the closest I’m gonna get to the ISS so I’m taking it in.

It all started with Death Wish Coffee’s new podcast where they interviewed retired astronaut Nicole Stott. She commented that the first thing she wanted when she got back to Earth was a good cup of coffee. Podcast host Jeff Ayers joked about how they could get Death Wish Coffee up there and now, a year later, it’s a reality. Death Wish came up with an instant version of their famous “Strongest Coffee in the World,” packaged similarly to Capri Sun pouches, they put it through testing and it passed.

Death Wish gave NASA 80 pouches that will leave Cape Canaveral on June 29th and head to six astronauts currently at the ISS as a part of Expedition 56. You want to drink coffee like the astronauts? Enter through their website to win one of the freeze-dried pouches at

Here’s the Superbowl commercial that made them famous:

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