Firewood Rules for Camping in Upstate NY [LIST]

Firewood Rules for Camping in Upstate NY [LIST]

If you’re going camping at all in Upstate New York this summer and want to bring firewood with you to stay warm or make s’mores, make sure you follow these rules.

I honestly had no clue until last summer that there were any rules or regulations when it comes to firewood for camping and New York Upstate broke them down. In the state of New York:

  • You’re not allowed to bring in untreated firewood into New York from other areas.
  • You’re not allowed to move untreated wood within the state more than 50 miles from where it was grown.
  • If you are transporting firewood, you need documentation of the source, origin, or treatment not just your word.

The reason for these rules is to protect the wildlife and try to contain invasive species that kill trees. That means especially not moving firewood that died on your property into another area. “Anyone who cuts firewood for personal use is required to fill out a Self-Issued Certificate of Origin, available on DEC’s website.” For more information, visit

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