Shmaltz Brewery Sold to SingleCut Beersmiths: What It Means

Shmaltz Brewery Sold to SingleCut Beersmiths: What It Means

I love Shmaltz beer and hearing that they were sold to SingleCut out of Queens, I didn’t know whether I should be happy or upset. To be honest, I didn’t know what that meant for this local brewery at all, until now.

It was in the news a week or so ago that Shmaltz brewery was sold to a company called SingleCut Beersmiths out of Queens, NY. I was hoping that didn’t mean that one of our local breweries was going away, luckily New York Upstate broke it down.

What this means to the Shmaltz tasting room is that you shouldn’t be surprised if you saw more SingleCut brews showing up on tap and don’t be afraid by the name change. Shmaltz tasting room will soon be called SingleCut North and though they’re buying the brewing facility and physical assets like brewing equipment, the Shmaltz brand was not sold. Shmaltz will continue to brew in Clifton Park until the end of 2018 and then they will produce their beers at other breweries by contract. They’re hoping this to lead to more collaborations with the Shmaltz brand. They are also still opening up their Troy location and producing the 518/838 series for this area.

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