Brand New Ride Debuted at Great Escape [PHOTOS]

Brand New Ride Debuted at Great Escape [PHOTOS]

Each and every year, Great Escape steps up their game with something new and exciting. This year is no different and now you can go and try their new thrill ride, Pandemonium for the first time.

Located in the Alpine Fest area of the park, Pandemonium just debuted on Friday. WNYT was there and broke down the ride and what you can expect.

The ride has 360 degrees of “heart-pounding high-speed adrenaline” according to their website. The ride fits 24 people who sit in a face-out position as the ride begins to lift, tilt, and spin at all angles. As you’re on the ride, it accelerates faster and faster with “seemingly endless rotations of spinning insanity.” It really looks great at nighttime with all of the lights flying as the ride spins at all angles.

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