Price Increase at Saratoga Race Course 2018 Season

The Saratoga Race Course is probably one of the most historical activities we have in the 518, and even though it’s pretty cheap (as long as you don’t bet on any horses), it’s not free. This year, they’re raising the prices but they’re still not too bad.

If you’re looking for a single daily pass to the Saratoga Race Course, you expected to pay $5 for grandstand and $8 for clubhouse and if purchased ahead of time, that remains unchanged. If you intend to buy your tickets day-of-race, that’s when you can expect the increase. You will be paying $7 for grandstand and $10 for clubhouse if purchased on the same day. Season passes will be staying the same at $40 for grandstand and $65 for clubhouse.

No reason was given for the increase in pricing, according to The Daily Gazette, but they did mention that these prices now make the tickets double what they were in 2014.

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