Board Game Cafe To Open in Troy

Board Game Cafe To Open in Troy

No matter how old I get, I still enjoy a good board game with friends (Does Cards Against Humanity count too?). I love that local bars are incorporating games in their decor but a new Troy cafe is basing their whole theme on it.

First, congratulations to Charlotte Guyton, the owner of Bard & Baker Board Game Cafe who was awarded $1500 and a one-year chamber membership, according to the Times Union. She was among 27 entrants who completed a 60-hour boot camp this spring. The people who decided the winner said that Guyton stood out by not only introducing herself to each speaker but developed a financial plan, and my favorite part, she wrote personalized thank you notes to each person.

Bard & Baker is set to open in September in a “highly visible location” in downtown Troy. The cafe will include more than 350 game titles and will serve sandwiches, baked goods, snacks, along with tea, coffee, bubble tea, wine, cocktails, and beer.

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