Best Fitness Adds New Kind of Workout

Best Fitness Adds New Kind of Workout

As The Daily Gazette mentioned in their article, most people have 2.5 different gym memberships and Best Fitness is hoping to narrow it down to just the one.

Best Fitness in Crosstown Plaza, Schenectady is trying to jump on the hot yoga bandwagon by adding a new studio. Adding to local hot yoga businesses like Studio 4 (my favorite) and Some Like it Hot in Schenectady, Hot Yoga Spot, and others, Best Fitness is hoping to be a one-stop shop for people who want gym access but also enjoy hot yoga classes.

One thing this is doing is giving people the opportunity to try yoga or hot yoga without any additional fees than what they’re already paying for membership. People have been more willing to try it without having to spend more money. It’s a great pairing for people who weightlift or even just do cardio, it can enhance those practices as well.

Best Fitness will be offering 11 hot vinyasa classes (vinyasa being the most common kind of yoga, a flow practice). So far about 20% of Best Fitness members have given the new hot yoga a try. They’re hoping to expand hot yoga to more dates and times but depends on the amount of people who give it a try.

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