Most Beautiful McDonald’s in New York State [PHOTO]


Most Beautiful McDonald’s in New York State [PHOTO]


With all of the updates, we have some beautiful McDonald’s in this area but there’s one that’s a little further south that if you drove past, you would have no idea Big Macs were inside!

Found in New Hyde Park, NY, right on the Jericho Turnpike is the Denton House. The Denton Family owned the house after it was built in 1795. Fast forward to 1985, McDonald’s bought the house and originally intended to knock the whole thing down due to its condition. With the history that comes with the house, local New Hyde Park residents refused to see that happen. McDonald’s agreed and, according to Only In Your State, they decided to refurbish the house to how it used to look in the 1920s, opening in 1991.

Referred to by locals as “McMansion,” the inside and outside look very different from McDonald’s you’re used to but you’ll still be able to find all of your favorites on the menu.

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