Go Naked Through Howe Caverns by Candlelight [PHOTO]

If you’ve ever wanted to go naked, this is the perfect place. It’s dark, temperature regulated, and at this upcoming event, there are no phones allowed. 

Howe Caverns is such a beautiful treasure here in the Capital Region. It’s not too far from the Greater Capital Region, it’s family friendly and a lot of fun, except if you’re looking to go on International Nude Day. Howe Caverns is hosting a new event this year, “A Leisurely Naked Stroll Through The Cave By Lantern Light.” New York Upstate broke down the details of this event.

On International Nude Day (Saturday, July 14th), Howe Caverns is hoping to offer a body positivity-friendly zone where people can feel comfortable in their own skin and share in nudity. There’s a strict privacy policy, no cameras or cell phones will be allowed and any peeping toms or lewd behavior will lead to instant removal. I honestly wish I had enough confidence to be a part of an event like this, but I really don’t. Is this something you’d want to be a part of?

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