Proctors Event Invites Director for Q&A and Screening

Proctors Event Invites Director for Q&A and Screening

Proctors has some great events and one of my favorites is when they invite directors and actors from classic movies for a screening and a Q&A. I’ve seen Mel Brooks (“Blazing Saddles”), Nathan Lane (“The Birdcage”), John Cleese (“Monty Python and the Holy Grail”), Christopher Lloyd (“Back to the Future”) and the next one is closer to home.

Proctors has invited director Derek Cianfrance back to the Capital Region for a screening and Q&A of the movie “Place Beyond the Pines.” Can you believe it was 5-years-ago when our area became national news as the setting of a nationally released movie? Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper were seen at local restaurants, where Gosling and Eva Mendez began their relationship which led to the birth of their two children, and now the director is back to where it all began.

As the Times Union reports, this event will benefit the “Northeast Filmmakers Lab, an annual immersive forum presented by the Capital Cinema Cultural Exchange and attended by filmmakers from around the world”

I love that he’s returning to Schenectady because he made the Capital Region such a character in the movie, it’s glad to see Cianfrance hasn’t forgotten that. As he said, “So the cops in “The Place Beyond the Pines” are real cops. The guidance counselor is a real guidance counselor. The judge is a real judge. The city is a real city.”

The event is this Saturday at 3:00PM ($20) with a VIP mixer that begins at 1:30PM
($50). Tickets are through or 518-346-6204.

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