Favorite Glens Falls Restaurant Changes Hands Again

Favorite Glens Falls Restaurant Changes Hands Again

This restaurant isn’t new to changing hands but they’re continuing a tradition and still staying open.

Fans of Samantha’s Cafe and Catering will already recognize the new owner, Elizabeth “Bea” Morin who is currently the assistant kitchen manager. Morin will be taking the reinsĀ current owners Liz Wilcox and Jennifer Kraft, according to the Post Star.

They may be passing the torch but they’re not completely stepping away from the business. Wilcox will stay on working as baker and chef and Kraft will have an off-site position as a consultant. I love that they’re continuing the tradition of staying a woman-owned business since it opened in the 1980s. It was important to them to keep it that way and I’m so happy to see that and support that continuation.

From a public’s standpoint, they say you won’t notice anything different. All of your favorites will be staying the same and the piano isn’t going anywhere.

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