Believe in UFOs? You Need to Visit This NY Town!


Believe in UFOs? You Need to Visit This NY Town!


It’s known as the UFO Capital of the East Coast and it’s only a few short hours drive from Albany. There are only about 2000 residents but most of them are not only believers but have experienced sightings first-hand.

Down near Poughkeepsie, Pine Bush is full of people who have experienced unnatural sightings but according to OnlyInYourState only felt comfortable talking about them after the book “Silent Invasion” came out in 1996. The author, Ellen Crystall, detailed her experiences in the small town and all of the pictures she took of potential UFOs after 10 years of living there.

People who live there say that they see UFOs on a weekly basis! Since it’s pretty well-known that UFOs frequent the area, Pine Bush doesn’t hold back on showing it off. Many places are decorated with aliens or UFOs, there’s a restaurant called Cup and Saucer Diner, and the town holds a yearly festival each May.

There was a time in 2016 when The New York Post visited Pine Bush, NY and videotaped their experiences.

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