Amtrak Making Changes to NYC Route

Amtrak Making Changes to NYC Route

Looking to take a train to New York City soon? Amtrak is changing some routes so be aware before you end up in the wrong place in New York City.

Amtrak will be shifting its trains from Penn Station to Grand Central Station this summer, according to the Times Union. The reason for it is that the Empire Service District Manager announced some rehabilitation on the tracks this summer so trains need to be redirected.

The Times Union didn’t mention a structured schedule when we can expect Amtrak to change their tracks back to Penn Station but so far, until further notice through the summer, plan your trip to New York City starting from Grand Central Station. Take a look at the subways from Grand Central and enjoy your trip!

There are improvements happening on the Albany Rensselaer Station currently and plans for the Schenectady Amtrak station to be completed by October of this year.

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