New Coffee Tasting Room Making Progress in Delmar [PHOTO]

You may know them by their old name but with a new name comes a new tasting room and if you’ve been following along on social media, it may be open sooner than you think.

I love the smell of coffee, it’s calming, it’s warm, and I can’t get enough. I knew about Barkeater Coffee Roasters from seeing them around social media but then all of a sudden they were gone and Brewtus Roasting was born. You may recognize the name from the Delmar Farmer’s Market and soon, you’ll be able to see them in their own tasting room on Hallwood Road.

I saw on the Times Union that they share the location with┬áReal McCoy Brewery and the Royal Meadery (which made me think, why haven’t I been over there already?) but the hope is for them to maybe work together in the future #DelmarTrinityOfBeverageGlory. If you want to follow the progress yourself, make sure you follow them on Facebook or Instagram. Can’t wait to see what the new tasting room will look like!

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