So Albany Is Getting a Skyway Park…? [PHOTO]

I just keep hearing everyone’s opinion on this new “Skyway Park” coming to Albany. If you’ve been confused, this is what’s going on, let me know what you think.

I saw on New York Upstate that Albany got $3.1 million from the state to turn one of the lesser used highway ramps into a skyway park, or an elevated park for bicyclists and pedestrians, giving them easier access to the Hudson River. The northbound Clinton Avenue ramp will also be an easier way to reach Corning Riverfront Park. Downtown Albany already has a pedestrian bridge on I-787 but this skyway is set to be closer to a section of the highway that already has plans to be redeveloped.

First, there was talks of a gondola, now we’re getting a skyway park? I support the growth that Albany is trying to achieve. Not only is Albany the capital but it’s right on the Hudson River, accessed by a ton of people from Troy to New York City and we want to stand out. I don’t know if that’s the best way to great a better view or if that’s even the best way to spend the money but at least they’re trying…? What do you think?

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