Is Kelsey Grammer Opening Up a Brewery Around Here? [VIDEO]


Is Kelsey Grammer Opening Up a Brewery Around Here? [VIDEO]

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You know Kelsey Grammer, from “Cheers” and “Fraiser” most notably, and he may soon be known for something more – local beer!

I was unaware but apparently, Kelsey Grammer has had a long-running dream to own a bar. He hasn’t seemed to make any official plans of anything opening, just mentions of a location and a few tastings but now, things may begin to be more serious. Since his last interview in 2017 on “Live with Kelly and Ryan,” Grammer mentioned that the brewery would be on a former dairy farm in Delaware County he bought 25 years ago but about the opening, only said “we’re working on it” and “it’s coming.”

New York Upstate is reporting that there’s new updates on Grammer’s brewery. Two videos regarding Faith American Ale surfaced online where he talks about the beer (“a Belgian style ale with the crisp refreshing taste of a lager”) and a potential timetable (May 2018). I tried to click on the link to the videos but they’re no longer available. Based on what New York Upstate is reporting, the brewery won’t be open for a little while but the beer may debut this spring with a different company. A screen shot from the video (below, by New York Upstate) shows Grammer at Shmaltz Brewing Company in Clifton Park sampling a “test batch” back in July.

Shmaltz has declined to comment on the beer but at the end of January, Faith American Brewing Co. LLC filed for a micro brewer license with the State Liquor Authority with the address at Shmaltz in Clifton Park. It seems like things are up in the air for right now but it would be great to find out that Kelsey Grammer has picked a great local brewery like Shmaltz to help produce his beer. I hope to see it on tap there soon or for more details to be released!

New York Upstate/YouTube Screen Shot

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